Local Students Attend Lunar Eclipse Viewing Party

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)- It's a phenomenon that hasn't happened since 1982. Sunday night (Sept 27), people in our area could see both a supermoon and total lunar eclipse.

NWAAC instructor Katherine Auld said a total lunar eclipse happens when the moon gets in the shadow of the earth. She said Sunday night, a supermoon also took place.

"It's not a huge difference, but it's enough to go outside and say 'wow the moon looks really big tonight,'" Auld said.

Auld said a supermoon is when the moon looks 14% larger than normal. She said it's also the closest to the earth that the moon will get. You may have also noticed an unusual color.

"The only light that falls on the moon is the light that comes through our atmosphere, and the atmosphere acts as a prism and bends it into the red and, so the light that's falling on it looks red," Auld said.

Around a dozen Springdale students brought their telescopes out to NWAAC for the show. Sunday's total eclipse lasted about an hour.

"I saw an eclipse once but it wasn't as close as this, it wasn't as cool as this," Student Melissa Garcia said.

Auld said the next supermoon and total lunar eclipse won't happen until 2033. Below are viewer pictures from Sunday night's event.

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