Adventure Arkansas: Blue Spring

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The color blue always seems to have a serene and calming beauty about it. In this week's Adventure Arkansas, Sean shows us a special spring in our area that's blue color has dazzled us for over 10,000 years.

38 million gallons. That's the amount of pure blue water that flows out of Blue Spring in Eureka Springs everyday. John Fuller Cross, the owner of the Blue Spring Heritage Center, says where the water's source is remains unclear.

"It comes from an unknown origin, and nobody has been able to prove where it comes from. There's been a lot of speculation that it comes from Alaska or the glacial waters up that way. It definitely does not come from Beaver Lake or Table Rock Lake. It wouldn't have that color or that purity."

The spring also hides an underwater cave system, stretching hundreds of feet down! The water flowing through those caverns has for hundreds of years been a draw for those seeking to become healthier.

"Eureka Springs is well known for its water, and that's what founded the town. The water was curing their eyes and other ailments and things like that. I think a lot of it had to do with they felt better, got exercise, some fresh water and got out of the smoggy cities and one thing led to another. Of course nothing beats fresh water."

Cross' family and their team maintains the trails and the colorful gardens across the center. The Cross' weren't the first family here, in fact you can see evidence is people from 10 millennia ago.

"If you wanna plan where you going, you need to know where you've been, and there's no more historical site around than this place right here. They found artifacts going down 10,000 years, now that's 8,000 years before Christ so that's a long time."

You are surrounded by ancient carvings along the bluffs, and you can check out some of the artifacts in the museum on site.

All of the beauty that surrounds this spring is beautiful reminder for Helen and Forrest Hoeffer that they live in the Natural State. "It is absolutely beautiful. I've lived in Arkansas all my life and I am continually amazed by how beautiful this state is."

Feel free to walk all around and even drink and dip your feet in.

To contact and seek this pristine gem, visit the site here.

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