Famous Street Outlaw Participates In Demolition Derby

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-- The Demolition Derby was main event on Thursday night (Oct. 1) at the Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair.

Drivers came from Oklahoma and Arkansas, but one driver was more recognizable than others.

You might know Chuck Seitsinger from the show street outlaws.

“Everybody wants to see a crash,” Seitsinger said. Everybody wants to see a car catch on fire or get drove into the wall, so it's good entertainment. Pick a car, root for your favorite car. There's going to be lots of crashes.”

So how do you win a demolition derby?

“You try not to get hit in certain areas, and then try to hit other people on the axles or the rear end to try to take cars out,” Seitsinger said. “The more cars you can get knocked out the better chance you have of being the last man standing.”

With all the crashing, safety is a major concern.

Seitsinger's girlfriend, Michelle Powell, said the demolition is much more dangerous than what he's used to.

“The demolition is not as controlled as his street car racing,” Powell said. “Demolition, I mean, it's a free for all.”

Powell said Seitsinger takes all the precautions.

“He'll wear his helmet and stuff, and I’m sure he'll go ahead and put on the fire retardant suit, and the neck brace and stuff because I mean, he can't be hurt,” Powell said.

Seitsinger said he just wanted the trophy.

“I'm here to drive a car and try to win this thing and take the trophy and the money back to Oklahoma,” Seitsinger said.

Unfortunately, a broke transmission kept Seitsinger from being the last man standing, but he said it’s all about having a good time.