Royals Fans Take To Local Restaurants To Watch Playoffs

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Although the Kansas City Royals play nearly 300 miles away from Northwest Arkansas, many natives of the city are residing in Northwest Arkansas.

The Royals faced the Houston Astros in the first game of the 2015 playoffs on Thursday (Oct. 8) night.

5NEWS spoke to some who said the atmosphere of watching a game at home, is not the same as watching it with friends at a restaurant.

“It’s a different atmosphere. You will see more people that are actually Royals fans,” said Emily Allen, a Royals fan from Kansas. “Whereas, if I stayed at home, I would have to watch with my roommates, who don’t really care.”

“I would be screaming by myself, and rooting all by myself,” said Cierra Carbajo, a Royals fan from Kansas City. “Instead of watching the game by myself, I would rather be around people who care as much as I do.”

Several of the Royals' players once played in Northwest Arkansas, for the Naturals.