Flavor of the Week: Bentonville’s Farmers Market

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In this week's Flavor of the Week, meteorologist Melissa Hall is in downtown Bentonville, where Southern Living just named the number one Farmer's Market in the whole state of Arkansas.

The Bentonville's Farmers Market has been going on for 39 years. It actually started with one gentleman who set up his truck and would sell things out of it. Eventually other farmers decided they wanted to sell their produce too. They would set up all around the square.

"A lot of the chefs in downtown Bentonville are award winning chefs, and they will come shop out here every Saturday morning...They will use fresh produce in their meals throughout the week."

Even though she had a list, making a decision was still hard for meteorologist Melissa Hall. There was such a great variety of vegetables to pick from, it was hard to make up her mind.

"We have so many people who will come to the Farmers Market...buy this fresh produce, and they thought it was great...They would get home and be like, how do I microwave this? So one of the reasons we started doing demos was actually just to show people how to cook this fresh produce that's not coming from a store, that's not prepackaged."

If you get hungry while at the Bentonville Farmers Market, you can stop by one of the many food trucks and pick up a delicious fresh made treat while you are shopping.

"You know, we also try really hard to make the Farmers Market very fun and interactive for the community. We always have free crafts that the kids can do. We also have yoga demonstrations on the square, as well as the chef demos. We do dog parades. We're big dog lovers in downtown Bentonville."

With almost 70 different vendors here at the Farmers Market, not only could Melissa find everything on her list, but she left with a few extra items.

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