Locals Take Advantage Of War Eagle Fair Crowds

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WAR EAGLE (KFSM) – The War Eagle Fair draws thousands to Northwest Arkansas every year.

While it's a destination for many, some people spend their time stopping on their way to the event. Several yard sales can be found along the main roads drivers use to get to the fair.

For 20 years, Gwen Davis has allowed craft vendors to sell their products on her land for people on the way to War Eagle on AR Hwy 303.

"It's just a happy bunch here, because they know they don't have to pay all their money to rent a booth,” Davis said.

Davis isn't the only one taking advantage of the crowds--- dozens of sales can be found surrounding the fair.

“Up and down the whole road, yes, is garage sales. It's all the way out 412 East and 303,” Davis said.

Jennie Temple said she came out on Saturday (Oct. 17) specifically for the yard sales, and doesn’t go to the War Eagle Fair.

“It's too crowded,” she said.

Davis said the swarm of people coming to the yard sales can be overwhelming, but the customers wouldn't exist if it weren’t for the War Eagle Fair.

“Yes it will bring in the people, and it helps your crafters too -- yes it does,” she said.

The 62nd annual fair continues on Sunday (Oct. 18) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.