Sheepdog Volunteers Head To South Carolina To Help Flood Victims

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM)- Historic flooding in South Carolina earlier this month has left over a dozen people dead and thousands impacted. On Sunday (Oct. 18), one local non-profit sent volunteers to lend a helping hand.

"I can't sleep at night, I have to be there," Volunteer Chadd Landress said.

Landress is one of 100 volunteers Sheepdog Impact Assistance has in South Carolina. Landress has already spent a week in the wreckage and came back to Northwest Arkansas to load more supplies for a second round.

"It's suffocating for the individuals, you can look at a house has mud in it in one room, and it's easy to clean, when it's through the whole house, it's overwhelming, where does an individual begin, where do they start trying to put their life back together?" Landress said.

Sgt. Maj. Lance Nutt is the president of the organization. He said this time their mission is a little different, because the flooding put a hold on immediate outside help.

"We are usually a chainsaw response team, going in within the first 24 to 48 hours and helping clear roads and debris, this one it's more of a humanitarian mission to just deliver some of the basics," Nutt said.

Landress said they'll be taking down water, food and other basic survival items. He said it's the least they can do to help.

"I'm torn to know that somebody is suffering, we're all military, firefighter, police EMT we've all been given such skill, such training to do this kind of stuff, so it's almost like a personal mission, we've got to go out there and utilize those skills, for the betterment of those who are suffering," Landress said.

Landress said the group plans to have volunteers in the disaster area until Oct. 25.