Arkansas Families Frustrated By Insurance Delays For Their Children

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CABOT (KTHV) — A backlog in Arkansas is causing a major headache for parents trying to get health insurance for their children.

Hundreds of thousands of Arkansans are on a waiting list to be approved for coverage through ARKids, Medicaid and other private options.

The Arkansas Department of Human Resources stated they are trying to get to everyone as fast as they can, however the long wait is causing frustration for parents. Some families say they have been waiting for months to be approved.

Kristie Johnson, 24, and her family moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas in April. The move went smoothly, however they hit a road bump when applying for health insurance through ARKids for their two children.

“We applied back in April, and we ended up having to re-apply because they got our last name wrong,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that she was told it would take 45 days to get approved, but four months later her children still have no coverage.

“I called them, and they said we are pending, we are really behind and I can’t give you a time or date when the kids are going to have their insurance approved,” said Johnson.

Johnson isn’t the only one dealing with this issue.

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  • cultureissueconfirmed

    This is by design to save money. “Oh, we have so much to do your kids aren’t covered for four months”. Well, will you prorate their coverage for the time missed because of your ineptitude. “Uhhhh”

    Tell them their pay checks are back logged until their work is done, and see how quick it gets completed.

    Have you ever called one of these places? It’s like the walking dead.

    They somehow “lose” incoming mail at about a 50% rate too. State systematic negligence to save money is what it is.

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