Fort Smith Approves Community-Use Pianos At City Parks

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A citizen-led initiative to put community-use pianos in several parks throughout the city was approved by the Fort Smith Parks Commission.

The commission approved putting pianos at five parks: Creekmore, Tilles, Ross Pendergraft, Spradling and McClure Amphitheater. The project will come at no cost to the city since the pianos that will be used were donated.

The pianos will be placed under pavilions or gazebos in each of the five parks to protect them from the elements and all of them will be secured at each location with a chain.

Workers from the Fort Smith Symphony saw the idea on Facebook and pitched it to the Fort Smith Parks Commission.

Fort Smith Symphony Director of Development Claudia Rucchio said they want people to expand their horizons with music.

"Our community is coming more known for it's activity and participation," said Rucchio. "We think this is a great opportunity for Fort Smith and to continue the quality of the parks, quality of enjoyment, and allow people to enjoy that."

Anyone will be able to come and play on the pianos. Leaders said they're hoping to have them in the parks by the end of this year.


  • Susan Brodie

    It’s a nice idea, but I doubt that most people who visit parks even know how to play a piano, or are even interested in it. Also, who will keep them in tune unless they don’t have to be, & the biggest concern is vandalism & theft. Somehow I don’t think those pianos are going to last very long. I can just see kids climbing all over them & tearing them up. Good luck with this project.

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