Democratic Party Of Arkansas Petitions To Remove Rep. Justin Harris From Office

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — An online petition is calling for Governor Asa Hutchinson to demand that Rep. Justin Harris resign from office.

The petition was started Sunday (Oct. 25) by HL Moody, who chairs the Pulaski County Central Committe of the Arkansas Democratic Party.

So far, the petition has more than 1,100 supporters and is just a few hundred signatures shy of the goal of 1,500.

The petition includes a letter by Vincent Insalaco, chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, that denounces Harris’ actions in rehoming two adopted children. It mentions his appearance on 20/20 that aired on Friday night (Oct. 23).

The public’s outrage over Rep. Harris’ actions prompted the Arkansas legislature to pass a law making it a crime to rehome children as Rep. Harris did. And despite Rep. Harris’ poor judgment with children, he runs a taxpayer-funded pre-K center that cares for 150 children and has received over $4 million in tax dollars.

Reports of an exorcism to cast out demons were pushed out of the headlines when a child in the care of Harris’ pre-k was left in a van in the summer heat for hours. Last Friday night on national TV, Arkansans had to relive these horrible events. And yet, the leadership of the Republican Party of Arkansas has not called for his resignation even though he continues to collect a state paycheck.

It is insulting and unacceptable that Governor Asa Hutchison (who served as a former federal prosecutor and former Home Land Security Undersecretary) allows this to continue.

To read the petition in its entirety, click here.


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