Local Professional Athletes Freeze Themselves To Relieve Pain

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- People are paying to freeze themselves through cryotherapy.

It is a therapy, not a treatment, to reduce anxiety and relieve muscle pain among other health benefits. It has been a trend among pro-athletes and red carpet celebrities; Cristiano Ronaldo has said he has one in his home, and Demi Moore has been photographed coming out of cryotherapy.

Detroit Tigers cather, James McCann lives in Fayetteville, and comes to CryoFactor everyday to take the edge off the stress he puts his body and mind through.

"Even if I wasn't an athlete, I would highly recommend doing it just because of what is does for your body, especially an aging body," McCann said.

Cryotherapy uses nitrogen gas to hyper cool the skin. In addition to physical benefits, there is also a mental component to the therapy.

Montene Speight is training for the 2016 Olympics. She said that she prefers this three-minute treatment over an ice bath because it is shorter and it always takes away the anxiety from training for the Olympics.

"I just don't feel as beaten down after a workout, so when I did do it was after a hard day," Speight said.

CryoFactor has served clients from 12-years-old up to 80-years-old.

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