Greenwood Votes To Renew Tax For City Departments

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) -- The street, fire and parks departments of Greenwood will receive funding for the next decade after residents approved a sales tax continuation on Tuesday evening (Nov. 10).

The three-quarter cent sales tax was scheduled to sunset at the end of 2016, but with the renewal, it will be in place for another 10 years, beginning in 2017.

Greenwood Fire Chief Stewart Bryan said the fire department plans to use the money toward a new fire station on the west side of town, near Highway 71. He also said a firetruck at Station 2 needs to be replaced.

The parks department plans to use the money to expand the trail system throughout the city, director Richard McKinney said. But McKinney said they hope to do more than that with the money.

"We really want to look seriously at some kind of water feature for the kids," McKinney said. "And maybe even a skate park of some sort that the kids can get in there and utilize. Those will all come in to our ten year plan, and we really hope now that we've got this steady income coming in, that will all happen."

Director of the Street Department Joe Manes said his department plans to purchase a used asphalt machine, which is needed for road improvements throughout the city.

With the 70 percent vote approval, the three departments will each receive an estimated $250,000 annually from the sales tax until 2027.

Department directors said the money can not be used for employee salaries.

More than two-thirds voted in favor of the sales tax renewal, 246-116.