Paved Roads Upsets Some Benton County Residents

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Benton County is planning to pave hundreds of miles of roads in the coming years, but not all homeowners are looking forward to that plan.

Kelli Jensen lives on Keller Road, which is a dirt road near the new Bentonville West High School.

She said she moved her family out to rural Benton County because they wanted to experience county living.

"Already there is no concern that it's a gravel road, no concern for my children, for families being outside, so obviously paving it, it's a straight shot, it makes it that more dangerous," Jensen said.

Some of Jensen's neighbors said that they are looking forward to less dust in their homes and fewer flat tires.

The county said they consider a number of factors when they decide which roads to pave, including how close the road is to a highway, if it is on a school bus route and how frequently it is used.

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