Benton County Detective Receives Unexpected “Thank-You”

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM)-- On Friday (Nov. 13), a Benton County Sheriff's Office detective made a routine traffic stop that had an unexpected ending.

Detective Chris Kelley said he pulled a car over for having a burned out brake light and license plate light.

"They were really nice, very polite, it was clear they just didn't know they had an equipment violation on their vehicle, which is not uncommon," Kelley said. "I just let them know it's more of a courtesy stop just to let them know the equipment was malfunctioning and to get it fixed at their convenience."

Kelley said he went back to his patrol car to do the paperwork, and when he returned he received something special.

"They handed me a card and told me 'thank you' and it was just a white envelope that said 'thank you' on the front of it," Kelley said. "I returned back to my car and that's when I was able to read it."

The note read, "For putting on the vest. For walking out your front door and leaving your family to protect mine. For saving lives while putting yours in danger. For the job you do daily. Thanks."

Kelley said it was his first time ever receiving a thank-you note, especially after pulling someone over.

"It means a great deal to me and even my other brothers and sisters that I work with because we don't get thank yous very much. Not every encounter we have with the public is pleasant," Kelley said.  "It just really means a lot to the heart to know that people still do support us and they support us for what we have to do."

Kelley is a seven-year veteran of the Benton County Sheriff's Office. He works with the K-9 patrol unit.