Woman Bonds Out After Arrest For Harassing Fort Smith Police Officers During Lunch

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A Fort Smith woman bonded out of the Sebastian County Detention Center on Friday after she was arrested on suspicion of three misdemeanors.

Gabriella Boston, 24, was arrested after she gave the middle finger to two Fort Smith police officers while they were waiting on their lunch at Benson’s Grill on Rogers Avenue early Friday morning (Nov. 20), according to an arrest report.

A police officer stated in the report that Boston saw the officers through a window, lifted her left hand and extended her middle finger for several seconds.

After the officers asked her to go away and Boston refused, they asked her if there was problem. Boston said there was problem and continued to raise her middle finger.

The report stated that several people in the restaurant began to notice, so the officers went outside to make contact with Boston.

They could smell a strong odor of intoxicants and saw that Boston had red and watery eyes, according to the report.

After she was handcuffed, Boston struggled with officers and fell down twice, managing to free one of her hands and forcing the officers to re-cuff her, the report stated.

She yelled “vulgarities and drunken nonsense” while in the officers’ vehicle, and continued to do so at the adult detention center, according to the report.

Boston had to be strapped to a chair “to keep her violent tendencies under control for her safety and for that of others,” the report stated.

Boston was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and obstruction of government operations.

She bonded out of the Sebastian County Detention Center on Friday at $650.


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  • Susan Davis

    This is obviously a young woman in a lot of pain crying out for help while being iin what sounds like self destruct mode. She was not in the restaurant, she was walking by outside. If the Officers would have just ignored her, she would have probably just kept going but you dont flip off Police Officers without expecting some talking to from them. I think it was probly the best thing for her to be arrested. Maybe she can get the help it sounds like she needs.

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