Black Friday Sales Move Up To Thanksgiving Day

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Nearly 200 people stood in line Thursday (Nov. 26) in hope of getting good deals on electronics.

Black Friday has now made its way into Thanksgiving Day.

Gaylen Spresser chose to show up four hours before doors opened at Best Buy, electing to pass on sleeping outside of the store overnight.

“I like to sleep in my own bed,” Spresser said.

Spresser said he wasn’t a fan of the sales starting on Thanksgiving day.

“This is getting a little ridiculous. In a few years, what is it going to be? Noon? It will be Wednesday when they start this stuff,” Spresser said. “I don’t like it. But, here I am, so I guess I can’t complain about it too much.”

But some workers at Best Buy were all for working on Thanksgiving.

“You want to see a long line, because that means it is going to be a good day,” said Damon Cooper, a manager at Best Buy in Fayetteville. “It is going to be a good day for sales, and a good day for customers.”

The team at Best Buy had one final "pump-up" before opening the doors.

From video game systems, to movies, and televisions, sales galore meant bargains for the shoppers.

Most of those who spoke to 5NEWS said they were looking at buying televisions.

“It is close to football season with the Super Bowl, bowl games, and it is the best possible deal you can get during this time,” Harris said. “You have the opportunity to buy things you normally wouldn’t be able to buy and you’re able to buy them at a very reduced price.”

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