Getting Back On Track After Thanksgiving

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)– After Thanksgiving, a lot of people were at the gym trying to burn off the extra calories.

Randy Hilmer, personal trainer and owner of River Valley Fitness in Fort Smith, said doing some exercises you’re not used to after a big meal could help you shed the extra pounds.

“If you have a big day where you’re eating more than normal, just do a little more exercise than normal, and it’ll even out,” Hilmer said.

He added that getting back into a healthy routine as soon as possible is key to fighting off holiday weight.

“It’s hard to resist some of the desserts and stuff that you have on Thanksgiving, which is normal, so just try to keep clean, you know, go back to your normal, clean foods,” HIlmer said.

Some people, like Gabby Mooney, took clean foods to a whole new level.

Mooney owns Gabby’s G-Fit and is an avid juicer.

“Thanksgiving is one of those times where we just let loose, where we don’t think about calories, and that’s fine,” Mooney said. “You need a couple days of those, like Christmas, Thanksgiving and your birthday maybe, but right after Thanksgiving, I go on a 3 day cleanse.”

Mooney said that even though it’s only juice, it will make you feel full and give you energy.

“It’s going to bring up your immune system to where you’re able to function normally and function better than you were before, and a lot of people think they’re actually going to function less,” Mooney said. “It’s actually more.”

Jessica Parker owns Carrot Dirt in Fort Smith. They offer juice cleanses where you drink 6 different juices a day, each with 2 to 4 pounds of produce packed into them.

“So you’re getting nutrients from a large amount of produce in a smaller form, and since there’s no fiber in it, your body doesn’t have anything to digest, so your body just rapidly absorbs all those amazing nutrients within about 15 minutes,” Parker said.

Parker said after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do a cleanse, so you can get rid of all the not-so-healthy things you might’ve put into your body.

“It’s just a great period of detox,” Parker said. “The sugar, and all the toxins, and pesticides, and chemicals we might have ingested, it gets rid of all of that.”

Parker added that a beginner should start with a one-day cleanse, but if you want to do more than 3 days, you should talk to your doctor first.