‘It really just puts me in the realm to succeed’: U of A Student Benefits from State Scholarship

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has given thousands of men and women the chance to obtain college degrees.

Lionel Davis II, 21, is one recipient who has used the scholarship to his advantage.

“Essentially, it’s just putting you in a realm, a pool of successful people who just have the same mindset as you,” said Davis, a senior at the University of Arkansas and majoring in mechanical engineering.

Davis added the scholarship has allowed him to be stress-free financially.

As a result, this has given him extra time to engage in activities outside of the classroom.

He belongs to several student-run organizations, including the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE).

Davis joined NSBE when he first started school. The organization allowed him to successfully navigate through the mechanical engineering program with help from older engineering students who mentored him.

Since then, Davis has taken on a leading role to become NSBE’s chapter president. He takes pride in guiding younger students in the engineering program.

“Just from the moment I met him, he kind of like took me under his wing and started to give me a lot of advice, a lot of insight,” said Ikenna Egbosimba, a sophomore, electrical engineering student.

From taking on leadership roles to developing life-long friendships, Davis said each one of the college experiences he had was made possible by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

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