City Directors Vote To Cut Staff Positions At Fort Smith Police Department

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Fort Smith Police Department has been authorized to reduce staff positions, following a city directors meeting on Tuesday evening (Dec. 1).

City directors had recommended the police department, as well as other city departments, make cuts to help the city fix its budget shortcomings.

The police department had an authorized strength of 165 staff, having to leave five positions vacant from the year prior.

After Tuesday's meeting in which city directors budgeted the city's salaries and costs, it was voted for the police department to see its authorized personnel strength reduced to 164. Also, the department will attain 13 officer position vacancies through attrition.

"The board is not gonna require us to lay off officers, so if we don't reach that 13th vacancy by the end of next year, my understanding is the board does not require us to lay off anybody," Police Chief Kevin Lindsey said Wednesday (Dec. 2).

Six officers who recently graduated from the police academy will keep their jobs, according to Lindsey.


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