Wind Energy Company Behind Elm Springs Project Operates Out Of Virtual Office

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ELM SPRINGS (KFSM) — A Texas-based wind energy company that’s behind a wind farm project proposal in Elm Springs is operating out of a virtual office in Frisco.

On its website, Dragonfly Industries International lists its address as 2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300 in Frisco, Texas. The contact page also includes a photo of the building where the suite is located, as well as phone numbers for the company.

According to several office space rental websites, that same address is available as a virtual office or as an office for short- or long-term rent. The address is offered for purchase on Alliance Virtual Offices, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, and Premier Business Centers.

All three websites offer a variety of rental plans and a live receptionist for the 2591 Dallas Parkway address. When 5NEWS called the number listed of the Dragonfly Industries website the receptionist confirmed she works for an answering service that works with several companies, but would not list the companies citing client privacy.

A Google search of the address listed for Dragonfly Industries comes back as belonging to a number of other companies, including J Dixon Accounting Services, Frisco Professional Counseling, Starwood Insurance, Tye Williams Financial Services and several others.

According to the Dragonfly Industries website, the site of the wind farm in Elm Springs would include an office space with a secure operations station, warehouse, energy storage system, substation and 35+ turbine towers.

Dragonfly CEO Jody Davis did not respond to a 5NEWS request for comment. To read more about Davis’ criminal and financial history, click here.

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  • Joel Dyer

    The news media should take a close look at another imaginary energy company, Clean Line Energy. Clean Line has similarities to Dragonfly. Some of the Dragonfly execs have a sketchy past. Some of the Clean Line execs were formerly employed by Enron. We know how that turned out. Dragonfly presents itself as a wind generator company, when in fact it apparently doesn’t even have an office. Clean Line presents itself as a merchant transmission company, when in fact it has never built and maintained a single foot of transmission line. Not familiar with “merchant transmission company”? It is a company that operates a transmission line and charges a toll for the electricity that flows through the line. The longer the line, the greater the charge. No wonder that Clean Line wants to build a 750-mile extension cord. The target purchasers of electricity carried by Clean Line are on the east coast. It makes more sense to build wind turbines on the east coast, and cut out the transmission costs. The Clean Line business plan is a sham and the news media should expose it as such.

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