Election Commission To Decide Date To Vote On Annexed Land For Wind Farm

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ELM SPRINGS (KFSM) -- The Elm Springs city council voted to have Washington County Election Commission decide the date voters would choose to keep or overturn the previously passed annexation.

The date had been set for a special election on Feb. 9, but parties on both sides of the issue said they're hoping the ballot can be handled during the primary election on March 1.

"The city does save money," opposition Jonathon Hamby said at a special meeting on Wednesday (Dec. 2). "We're not here to try to spend the city's money or the taxpayers money for no reason."

Hamby said regardless of when the measure will be voted on, he's happy they collected the required 108 signatures.

"We collected 244 in less than two weeks," Hamby said. "We had a lot of public support here in Elm Springs and look for the same whenever the election comes up."

Mayor Harold Douthit said of the 244 signatures collected, only 180 signatures were legitimate.

"Approximately 64 of those signatures were invalid for various reasons," Douthit said. "Either they were not registered to vote or they lived in Bella Vista, Springdale, Tontitown, Cave Springs or something else."

The next city council is Dec. 21. The mayor said on the agenda is the vote to rezone the annexed land from agricultural use to industrial use.