Largest Class Ever To Graduate Drug Court In Sebastian County

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — Most counties in Arkansas have a drug court which is a two-year program designed to help folks kick drug addiction and become productive members of their communities. When people graduate from the program, it results in dismissal of their felony charges.

On Friday (Dec. 4), 66 of them will graduate from Sebastian County. The ceremony starts at 9:00 a.m. at Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist Church.

Drug Court is a process that started back in 2001. Folks go through classes filled with learning tools on how to say “no” to the substances they were once addicted to, as well as learning other life skills. Some have been through counseling, or even anger management courses.

There’s four phases that each last 90 days. Then comes the aftercare that lasts for one year.

After graduation, they become productive members of society. “When you’re clean for long enough, you start realizing how bad everything was and how much better it is when you’re sober,” said graduate Michael Williams.

For more information on drug court programs you can contact the county courthouse.

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