Post Season Rematches Nothing New For 7A Title

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It's a post season rematch for Fayetteville and Har-Ber. But, second chances are nothing new for the Bulldogs.

"I want our kids to know it's been done before," Fayetteville coach Daryl Patton said. "It's been done before. Here's the script, we're going to play Har-Ber. We can beat them. It's been done. We've played Bentonville numerous times in the past. In 2011 and 2012, they've beaten us in the regular season. We reversed it in the championship game."

But, this is the third rematch of the year for the Wildcats. Does that experience give an advantage heading into Saturday?

"Whenever you lose to that team you're always like man we could of done this, should of," Fayetteville wide receiver Barrett Banister said.. "Shoulda, coulda, woulda. It will be a lot of fun to get to rematch another team like this because you always want that second chance."

"It's always hard to beat a team twice because they know all our schemes and stuff," Har-Ber right guard Ross Childers said. "But, it's going to come down to whoever is stronger in the end."

Saturday will be the ultimate test, can Har-Ber do it a third time.

"I mean it is as hard as all get out to try to beat someone a second time," Har-Ber coach Chris Wood said. "No doubt about it because you've got that experience deal, and then that other team is a little bit more hungry, and they want to prove a point."

Rematch and experience aside, this game comes down to what is done on the field.

"Bottom line, when the ball is kicked off you gotta make plays.  You gotta execute the plan. That's where our kids have got to go down there and get the job done" Patton said.

Once the job is done, either the Wildcats or Bulldogs will be on top of Arkansas football as the 7A state champions.

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