Vandals Deface New Mural In Downtown Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-- In a possible profession of love, vandals spray painted the names, ‘Roger and Nancy’ onto a mural in downtown Fort Smith.

It was painted by artist D*Face as part of the Unexpected Festival.

“We were all just flabbergasted that something like that would happen,” Claude Legris, director of tourism in Fort Smith, said.

He said the vandals didn't paint over any existing paint, but directly onto the brick wall, and now, a local sign company is working to restore the mural.

“Basically they're going to use paint remover and a wire brush, but they're going to be delicate with it,” Legris said.

Legris said police are looking for those responsible, and people who work downtown are trying to help catch them too.

“They should maybe have to do community service for the city of Fort Smith since it is the city of Fort Smith that they have vandalized,” Jordan Pratt, who works downtown, said.

She said she can't believe someone stooped so low.

“I just think it's disrespectful to not only the city of Fort Smith, the local shops and downtown Garrison, but also to the artists who have put it a lot of work to just make it a much better place,” Pratt said.

As for whoever Roger and Nancy are, Legris only had one thing to say to them.

“If you're out there, Roger and Nancy, I hope you're satisfied,” Legris said.

If you have any information about who may be responsible for vandalizing the mural, you are asked to contact the Fort Smith Police Department.


  • adiverseinsanity

    This is why Fort Smith will always be the kind of town it is, nothing nice will ever be in Fort Smith because of trashy people like this. Just right across the street at the gas station was a FREE air pump and it was destroyed by vandals, Fort Smith will always been home to trashy and low life people.

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