Healthwatch: Chemicals in E-Cigarettes & Cardiovascular Disease for Women with Diabetes

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New concerns about the chemicals in e-cigarettes, and is cardiovascular disease more deadly for certain women?

New data from the American Heart Association suggests women with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely as men to have coronary heart disease, have heart attacks younger, and are more likely to die after a first heart attack.  Researchers added that women may need to exercise more vigorously and more often than men to counteract their risk.

Scientists at Harvard say a flavoring linked to severe respiratory disease was found in three-quarters of the e-cigarettes and refill liquids they tested. More than fifty varieties including candy and fruit flavors were checked for hazardous compounds. Researchers said most contain flavoring chemicals that could cause lung damage.

New evidence that working out may help your brain. Researchers in Italy say people who exercise have more brain flexibility, which is essential to learning and memory.