List Of 2015’s Most Dangerous Toys Released

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(KFSM) –With the holidays upon us, many folks are already shopping for gifts for their loved ones. But before you head out to the stores, you may want to know about this year’s most dangerous toys.

The annual “Trouble in Toyland” report has been released, listing almost two dozen toys to watch out for this holiday season.

For 30 years, the U.S. PIRG “Trouble in Toyland” report has offered safety guidelines for purchasing toys for small children, and provided examples of toys currently on store shelves that pose potential safety hazards.

Some toys have been cited for a possible toxic hazard. For example, the Slinky Junior. Researchers found high levels of chromium, which can cause skin redness and swelling.


Eleven toys on the list contain small parts posing as a choking hazard, which is something emergency room doctors see a lot. Doctors said parents or guardians should examine toys for hazards before giving them to a child. You can do that with a simple test: Take a toilet paper roll, and if the toy fits inside, it could pose as a potential choking hazard.

Extremely loud toys that can threaten children’s hearing, and powerful toy magnets that can cause serious injury if swallowed also made the list.

“World Against Toys Causing Harm” or W.A.T.C.H. has also put out a list, placing dinosaur claws inspired by the movie ‘Jurassic World’ at the top of their 2015 list. The group said the claws can cause eye and face injuries.

jurassic world

Another potentially dangerous toy is ‘Poo-Dough’, which the watchdog group said can be hazardous to children with allergies because it contains wheat by-products.


Also making the list, quick-folding trampolines, foam dart guns and doctor play sets.




“If a parent or caregiver identifies an unsafe toy, we urge them to go to to report the potential safety problem.This will also provide key information to other consumers who may own or may be considering purchasing that toy,” stated Weintraub of Consumer Federation of America.

For a full list from the “Trouble in Toyland” survey, CLICK HERE.