Fort Smith Students Learning Computer Science In Hour Of Code Event

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A group of grade schoolers in Fort Smith will be taking part in one of the largest science events around the world on Wednesday (Dec. 9). The event is called Hour of Code, which is a global improvement program to promote computer science.

Students from Tilles Elementary School will be teaming up with teens from Northside High School to learn some advanced technology.

Computer Science has been a subject in school since Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson was elected. The program is something that the Governor has pushed for schools to teach across the Natural State. Teachers at Tilles Elementary School have listened to this challenge and knew their students could benefit from learning this subject.

Students will participate in the Hour of Code which is a one hour introduction to Computer Science.

Northside High School students will be helping to teach the young ones all of the computer knowledge that they have learned over the years. The kids will learn how to use several different computer programs. This includes creating a real computer game from scratch.

"This program teaches us skills to help us not to give up because the challenges are frustrating," said Tilles student Isabel Fuentes.

Tilles Elementary School will be having festivities to celebrate and promote computer science every day from Monday (Dec. 7) to Friday (Dec. 11).

The elementary school has been invited to participate in the national webinar hosted by the Hour Of Code founder, Hadi Partovi at noon Friday.