Unncessary Tests for Type 2 Diabetes & Rise of ADHD in Girls

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Many diabetes patients may be getting more tests than they need, and  new statistics on ADHD in Girls.

ADHD appears to be on the rise among girls according to a new study from George Washington University. Researchers say the number of parents who reported that their daughters were diagnosed with the attention/hyperactivity disorder increased 55 percent during the last eight years.

The infant mortality rate in the United States has dropped to a record low. The CDC says there were just over 23-thousand deaths of children under the age of one in 2014. That’s down 2.3 percent from the year before.

Many patients with type 2 diabetes seem to be getting unnecessary tests. Guidelines recommend patients with good blood sugar control get a certain hemoglobin test once or twice a year. However, Researchers at the Mayo clinic found more than half of patients had 3-4 tests a year. The authors say the extra tests are not only financially wasteful, but they lead to over-treatment and patient harm.

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