Man Arrested After Arkansas State University ‘Active Shooter’ Scare

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JONESBORO (KFSM) — A man has been taken into custody after an “active shooter” scare at Arkansas State University on Thursday (Dec. 10).

The man, Bradley Kenneth Bartelt, 47, of Jonesboro, was taken into custody around 2:45 p.m., according to Jonesboro Police. There were no injuries and no shots were fired.

The campus was put on lockdown, and will be closed for the remainder of the day, KAIT8 reported.

The incident started shortly after 1:30 p.m., when Bartelt drove into the center of campus, KAIT8 reported. He was armed with a gas can and shotgun.

Twitter / @DoeBQue

Twitter / @DoeBQue

On Wednesday, Bartlet threatened to commit suicide or kill someone on his Facebook page. He alluded to an incident from 2012 involving the university, and said that the truth needed to be put to light.

“Told multiple professionals and people in State of Arkansas I AM SUICIDAL and now HOMICIDAL, which is what appears they want so problem goes away…My DEATH should not and will not end the TRUTH!!!”

ASU Gunman Facebook post






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