Fort Smith Paramedics Clean Up Wreaths Blown Over At National Cemetery

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Strong winds took a toll on the freshly decorated Fort Smith National Cemetery, blowing away wreaths that had been placed on veterans' graves by volunteers.

A team of Fort Smith paramedics worked to put wreaths back on the headstones at the cemetery on Monday (Dec. 14).

Ramon Contreras is one of four paramedics who helped. He said it was important to get the wreaths set back up.

"It honors the men and women that gave their lives for our country," he said. "I think it is very important to show pride."

Tim Hearn, executive director of Fort Smith EMS, said it didn't surprise him that Contreras and the others volunteered their time.

"They are very connected to our community," he said. "They love helping. They are always doing something like this. This is not a first."

More than 16,000 wreaths have been placed on graves at the cemetery to honor the veterans who paid the ultimate price. They will stay up through Jan. 3.