Police Warn The Community Against Package Thefts

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RIVER VALLEY & NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) - With Christmas just days away, many gifts will be delivered to your front door before being placed under the Christmas tree. But you'll want to make sure those gifts don't disappear before you bring them inside.

Delivery trucks will go and drop off your packages on your front door step, but the police department said it's not uncommon for thieves to come and snatch them away when your not home.

The police department has some tips that will prevent this from happening to you during the holiday season.

First, is to make sure you require a signature on all the packages that are being delivered to your home.

Second, is to ask the shipper if they can deliver the gift to another destination such as work. Some delivery companies offer a free service that will send you an e-mail alert when your package is going to be delivered.

The rumor is that thieves follow delivery trucks to watch where there stopping. Authorities said they do what they can to keep this from happening, but they need your help as well.

If you do have a package stolen, file a report with the police department. Also, call the shipper immediately to notify them that your package has been stolen.

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  • Mike-Carol Davis Sonnier

    To clarify this: Standard Tracking is FREE with FedEx, UPS and USPS. Signature Confirmation does require a small fee. As far as “contacting the shipper to let them know your package was stolen”: We sell online, and frankly, there is absolutely NOTHING the shipper can do to get your package back for you. Merchants aren’t going to just send out another entire order for you unless you pay for it! We require signature confirmation for all packages to apartments, hotels, or business addresses, and for any order over $100. Request that the shipper/merchant provide signature confirmation which requires someone within your household to sign for the package.

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