Van Buren Students Pay Tribute To Star Wars In Christmas Music Video

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) – An Emmy award-winning teacher at Parkview Elementary School made a Star Wars-themed music video with his music club.

“I love Star Wars," said Kevin Croxton, a music teacher for 19 years. "It's fantastic.”

For the past few years, the club has been making music videos, and this year it’s called “Star Wars: Christmas Awakens.”

“We dressed them in Jedi robes and they would sing the narration to the scenes as Vader met these ghosts,” he said.

“I play the Ghost of Christmas Past Padme,” Fifth grader Katelyn King said.

King said she has never seen any of the Star Wars movies before, but she was still able to play a character.

“All you have to do is just say your words, but you have to express the feeling,” she said. “If you have to say ‘Darth Vader is shocked,’ so you have to be the person who stuns him."

Croxton said about $300 was spent to make the video, which was filmed at the Van Buren Public School Service Center.

Fifth grader Brayden Beckham said he is impressed with the final product.

“I was pretty surprised of how it turned out,” Beckham said. “The green screen -- it's just the effects. I loved it!”

Croxton said the video is dedicated to Champ Williams, a renowned local videographer, who died in November.

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