Vietnam Veteran Recipient Of New Military Officers Association Award

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The Darby Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America presented its inaugural Darby Distinguished Patriotic Achievement Award Tuesday (Dec. 15) in Fort Smith.

Lt. Col. Billy Dooly, a retired United States Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War, was one recipient of the award. He is also a former president of the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, according to a release.

“We work hard doing what we do every day. We work through our military career and our civilian career and it's not for personal gain,” he said. “It's for what we believe in: our country, our flag, and that's why we serve.”

The award was presented at the annual Christmas Dinner Meeting, and Commander of the 188th Air Wing, Col. Bobbi Doorenbos gave a keynote speech.

There is a co-recipient of the award who was not present at the event. He does not know he is receiving the award.

The MOAA chapter said in a release the award was made to recognize life achievements that have been “so extraordinary as to provide incentive, inspiration, protection of or well-being to society and whose actions represent the best in American morals and values.”