Wind Farm CEO Issues Statement After Landowner Withdraws Rezoning Request

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ELM SPRINGS (KFSM) — The CEO of Dragonfly Industries International, a Texas-based company that’s behind a proposed wind farm in Elm Springs, issued a statement Wednesday (Dec. 16) after the owner of the land where the project would be built withdrew his rezoning request for the property.

On Monday, the Elm Springs Planning Commission read a letter from Cody Fell of Elite Energy, which owns the 300-acre plot of land near the city, in which he withdrew a request for industrial rezoning.

Since Fell withdrew his request, the question will be taken off the City Council agenda, but Dragonfly Industries still plans to have representatives present at the council’s meeting Dec. 21.

“I cannot speak on behalf of Elite’s decision,” Dragonfly Industries CEO Jody Davis writes in his statement. “We are aware of the decision and will follow up with them after the holidays”

According to the Dragonfly Industries website, the site of the wind farm in Elm Springs would include an office space with a secure operations station, warehouse, energy storage system, substation and 35+ turbine towers.

“The fact is the project got way ahead of itself and there is still lots of work to be done,” Davis writes. “There has been lots of pressure put on Dragonfly when we are simply a technology company still working through research and development.”

Elm Springs Mayor Harold Douthit said he has had more than 250 questions submitted to the city concerning the wind farm.

“You have to remember that all the city and the mayor have tried to do is place themselves in a position for an opportunity,” Davis writes. “There is so much more work that has to be done that goes way beyond the decision of annexation or rezoning that is not made by the city.”

In his statement, Davis addressed media reports about his criminal and financial past, which include a federal conviction on money laundering and wire fraud charges.

“It is really sad that the press and the community wish to put more emphasis on tearing a person down whom has truly changed their life and worked hard to build a life and future for their family that is structured around Godly relationships, rather than supporting a possible opportunity,” Davis writes.

Davis also addressed those who oppose the wind farm project.

“I have read so many lies about what has taken place,” he writes. “I continue to hear that Dragonfly has not addressed the citizens and we do not care.  It bothers me every time I hear that because if you recall we spent four hours in March taking punishment at the city council meeting only to get put down and lied upon ever since.  Once our technology comes out of research and development things obviously will be different.  We are still excited about the future and will keep you posted on next steps.”

Jonathon Hamby, an Elm Springs resident who opposes the project, said he still believes there is a loophole or another angle that will keep pushing the proposed wind farm forward.

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