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Adventure Arkansas: Christmas Light Helicopter Tour

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Tis the season for spectacular Christmas light displays all across our area. Most of us look at them from the ground, but Sean Bailey shows us where you can ride to new heights to see lights in this week's Adventure Arkansas.

With the sound of the spinning rotor blades, we are off to the skies with Arkansas Helicopters in Springdale. The owner, Camron McAhern, explains where this tour takes you to see Christmas lights from a whole new perspective.

"A lot of people go through the square and drive through the square in Fayetteville, or Bentonville. They might go through Harbor Meadows, and look at some other Christmas lights hot spots around Fayetteville. But I'm telling you, there's nothing like seeing Christmas lights from the air."

First up we take our Razorback helicopter over the lights along Emma Drive in Springdale. The traffic 500 feet above 71B was non existent as we approached University of Arkansas to see Old Main from above. Then it was off to circle the beauty of the Christmas light collection over the Fayetteville square.

The grand finale of our trip was the Stewart Family Christmas Light Display on 4423 Wyman Road in East Fayetteville.

With its 225,000 lights, over 200 inflatables and a ride-able train, the display did not disappoint from the ground or 500 feet in the air.

As for anyone afraid of heights, but still has flying in a helicopter on a Bucket List, "We lift off the ground and if they get scared, we set it back down. But most of the time, I would say 9 times out of 10, they want to stay in the helicopter and keep going. It's not the same as staying on a ladder where you feel like you're gonna fall. You feel very secure in the helicopter and it feels as though you're flying on a magic carpet ride."

Despite seeing millions of lights, McAhern says there's one thing they haven't come across, yet. "We have not seen any reindeer while we are flying, you know I hope we get to see Rudolph this year, that would be great."

The Christmas Light flights run now through December 29th.

The price for the 12 minute flight tour is $60, and the nearly 20 minute "Ulimate Tour" is $80.

Arkansas Helicopters also offers other flight services including charter flights, aerial photography, surveying and even Easter egg drops. Visit here for more information.

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