Star Wars Release Attracts Hundreds To Local Theaters

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- It's a movie premiere more than one decade in the making, Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered Thursday (Dec. 17) night.

Fans of all ages made their way to local theaters for the premiere.

“I have been anticipating this film for so long,” said Chris Ridings, a fan. “To finally be able to see this movie, it is just a dream come true.”

Fans in Fayetteville lined outside of the Malco Razorback movie theater as early as 9 a.m. to get good seats.

“I wanted to get a good seat. I wanted a good experience. I figured if I was going to do it my first time, I wanted to do it right,” said Zach Krause, a fan.

Many dressed up in their favorite Star Wars costumes for the premiere.

“I decided I would make it myself. And then I found these really neat headbands, and went all out,” said Jessica Baker, who dressed up as Princess Leia

“Instead of just seeing a film, you get to be part of a huge event,” Ridings said.

Many said dressing up was okay, because to them, Star Wars is more than just a film.

“I am a big Star Wars fan. I play the games,” said Dylan Evans, a fan. “I’ve always been able to emerge myself in the world. May the force be with you.”

Many movie theaters welcomed those who had dressed up. Malco Theaters did not allow people to wear masks, or to bring in weapon-themed items.