Wakarusa Not Returning To Mulberry Mountain In 2016

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (KFSM) -- Wakarusa has announced it will not return to Mulberry Mountain in 2016.

On its official Facebook page, Wakarusa stated: "It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Wakarusa will take 2016 off."

In the statement, Wakarusa states that it was significantly damaged by partners who lied to the company.

It goes on to state that these partners "are being dealt with appropriately through the legal system."

Wakarusa is run by Pipeline Productions, who also helps coordinate "Phases of the Moon" and "Thunder on the Mountain."

The Thunder on the Mountain country music festival that was supposed to take place in 2015 in Ozark, Ark. was cancelled after financial disagreements, according to lawsuits filed in federal courts in Delaware and Topeka, Kansas.

The statement concludes:

"For now, we shall dust ourselves off. We must take time to recharge our faith and our energy. Passionate people do not throw in the towel because of a bump in the road. We look brightly toward the future. We will bring more music and more art and many more wickedly unrivaled memories. We know the world is a better place when there is more music and more love.

Our scrape with the unsavory has lead us to realize what is most important to us, which is all of YOU (you and you...and you too). So in our brief absence, please stay in touch and look out for each other. Take special care to really nurture what is most important in each of your lives. There is simply too much to be down or discouraged about in this world. Be the beacon of joy and hope - we need more of that in this world. So now we do ask that you share your positive energy with us. We'll use it as our strength and inspiration to create an even better WAKA experience that is ever more magical. With your help, we will bring Wakarusa back to Mulberry Mountain."



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