Couple Escorted From Central Mall After Videoing Stores, Police Say

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A couple in traditional Muslim attire was escorted out of Central Mall by Fort Smith police on Saturday (Dec. 19) after they were allegedly breaking mall policies by videotaping inside the mall.

Police said the couple, Alan Crawford and Daphne Ridenour of Muldrow, was breaking the mall’s code of conduct policy, which bans videoing inside the mall without approval from management, according to an incident report.

Police said that no crime was committed, so no charges have been filed.

However, Crawford and Ridenour said they were being racially profiled.

Crawford was walking down the hall by the food court, along with his wife and child, and using his phone to videotape stores, the report states. Several mall-goers reported him to police and mall security officers.

A mall security officer told Crawford about the code of conduct policy banning videoing without consent, but he appeared to continue videotaping, the report states. Afterward, security officers asked him to leave the mall.

After a discussion, police escorted the man to his vehicle.

“This is why you don’t trust the police,” Crawford told the child as he was leaving, the report states. “They harass people because of their religion.”

Mallgoers took pictures of the incident, such as this Facebook post that has been shared nearly 1,000 times, saying that the police were escorting terrorists from the mall.

Police said that there has been no confirmation of a planned terrorist attack at Central Mall.






    • Biddy (@bidyanun)

      “A mall security officer told Crawford about the code of conduct policy banning videoing without consent, but he appeared to continue videotaping, the report states. Afterward, security officers asked him to leave the mall.”

      This is purely a publicity stunt that they hope will lead to a payday. They were initially treated just like anyone else – told to stop video’ing – but they refused. If they’d simply complied with mall rules and stopped video’ing everything, it would’ve been fine and all gone back to normal. Instead they tried to be above the rules, then made the consequences all about their religion, rather than their own behavior.

      They will attempt to extort money from this in one way or other, in a lawsuit or settlement. This was planned.

  • Matt

    Anybody who has ever tried photographing inside or around a mall can attest to the fact that mall cops will descend on you like a wake of vultures on an almost-dead animal. This is not news; this is a normal day for someone holding a camera in a mall. Make this a white suburban couple and the same treatment ensues. Nothing to see here; nothing noteworthy happening. Move along.

    *NOTE*: The mall *is* private property, and as such is free to restrict photography/videography and escort people off premises when they fail to comply with requests to stop.

  • Pete Peters

    some girl named Dee says that she was in the Mall and filming and was not bothered by security… SO… here is what I told her… Dee… you are right, if what say is true and you have been in this mall and Security did not approach you, then I suggest that you contact them and give them the time and day that this occured so that they can go back and see who was working so they can be reprimanded for not doing there job… SO dont jump to a CONCLUSION… it very well could be that you were doing this prior to Paris and San Bernadino and Security was not in a heightened state… Do your Civic duty and contact the Mall to make them aware… IF… that is really what happened…

    • Sivapriya Saraswati

      There are plenty of people who have been escorted out for recording video. Also, I doubt this “Dee” was recording video of mall and store entrances. When this couple was notified that it was against mall policy, they should’ve stopped, but they didn’t and so they were asked to leave. Anyone doing what they were doing would have looked suspicious, regardless of clothes or anything else. If this guy is so religious, why is he bragging about eating pork? They are people trying to cause trouble, so they can get a lawsuit. They are liars and seeking attention.

  • Sivapriya Saraswati

    Liars! They are not Muslims, else they wouldn’t be eating pork. If he said he would leave happily, then he should’ve left. They wouldn’t have been escorted out if they listened to the security the first time. Seems to me they are just looking to cause problems.

  • William Christensen

    So, They violated mall policy, as posted at the entrance, got reported to security a couple times which forced security to enforce the posted policy. Once something is pointed out to you, you can no longer say you were unaware. People need to remember that when bad things happen we have to adjust to them. One man wearing exploding shoes on the airplane and now we all have to take our shoes off. One man wore the wrong panties on a plane and now we all have to get x-rayed. Given the current climate of fear it might be wise for us all to be aware of how others might perceive our actions. Right or wrong, this is how it is.

  • Lin Frank

    what about the bombs planted in their yard? was anyone charged? how bout that? and how do you know what they were doing? it was an audio tape…dur? they weren’t video taping and were DOING CHARITY WORK…

  • Rickey Gile

    They have a good lawsuit here. The police had NO authority to come and enforce mall policy as it is not public law. The security officers didnt tell them it was mall policy, they simply called the police. If said policy is not posted where the mall goers can see it, then it really isnt enforceable either just as the police cannot enforce unwritten laws. These folks were the targets of bigotry, paranoia, discrimination and ignorance. The police had no right to question them, detain them, threaten to take their phones, nothing. The police really had no reason to respond at all as no law was being broken outside of some unknown mall policy. Is the mall now going to call the police on all the teenagers who do selfies and instagrams at the mall since so many school shootings are done by teens?? Should we now fear teenagers?? This is a clear case of American ignorance and it makes me nervous that people are siding with the mall and the police on this, saying that these people “should have known better than to have dressed like that”. They have the freedom in this nation to dress as they wish despite what paranoid idiots think.

  • Naomi M. Melendez

    A Muslim eating a bacon cheeseburger? He is lying. Taquiyya = is the allowance of lying to push their Islamic agenda. Do not believe what this man says about bacon. He was definitely recording for a reason and it was not for nice memories of the mall.

  • Jerad Larson

    I think we should start calling these people “mentally ill” instead of Muslim. Just like we did with Jim Jones and David Koresh instead of calling them “Christians.

  • Thomas McGuire

    Has no one noticed this Good Little Muslim Convert said he would destroy a Bacon Cheeseburger, so he’s definitely not the best of Muslims.These folks are phishing for a settlement or needing attention, and are probably only guilty of being sorry actors…….So for all of you offended by the Malls actions, take a second look and rethink this.

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