Lavaca High School Seniors’ Skit Goes Viral

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LAVACA (KFSM)-- What started out as a funny skit for a high school talent show has now gone viral.

In a town of just over 2,300, 5 boys have gotten the attention of millions.

Braxton Marshall, Garin Morris, Luke Barber, Christian Schoeppey and Christian Mendez have been inseparable since 7th grade, and now as seniors at Lavaca High School, they decided they wanted to leave an impression.

“The curtains open, and right when it opened everybody's just digging for their pockets getting their phones,” Schoeppey said. “They're smiling and laughing, and we're just like, ‘Alright, here we go!'”

The boys performed their own rendition of the famous “Jingle Bell Rock” scene from the movie, Mean Girls.

The talent show was December 4th, and by December 8th, the video had more than 1,000,000 views on Facebook.

“The same day it hit a million it hit 2 million,” Barber said.

“It grew a million in one day,” Schoeppey said.

Now it's been viewed more than 5,000,000 times through Facebook and websites like Ellentube, Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue.

“It's weird getting recognized for what we did,” Barber said. “I mean, you see kids on the news that have 36s on their act, and we're up there for dancing.”

“Shaking what our momma's gave us,” Schoeppey said.

Felicia Owen, the high school principal, said even though the boys put their act together in only three days, they came to her first.

“They did ask permission first, so we did go over the dress code and the costumes that they wore,” Owen said. “I had of course seen the movie and the scene they were acting out, so it was ok.”

Owen said there's been nothing but positive feedback from their classmates.

“The students loved it, and that's why we do it to give them an opportunity to perform for their friends,” Owen said.

The guys aren’t sure what to think about all the attention.

“We're going to be famous,” Mendez said.

“It was really awesome for the first 2 weeks, and now it's just kind of overwhelming,” Schoeppey said.

They said they never expected the video to go viral, but now it's become their most memorable moment of their high school career.

The boys said this was a performance of a lifetime, so they're not sure if they can ever top it, but they said they're going to try next semester.

You can watch the video here.

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