Travelers Prepare For Bad Weather Ahead

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)– All the rain is going to make it difficult for people traveling home from Christmas.

Corporal Dwight Lee with the Arkansas State Police said they’re prepared for the bad weather ahead.

“Basically, what we do is patrol up and down the highways, make sure if there’s a vehicle stopped or stalled or something, we’ll make sure that we get out and check on them, make sure they’re ok, and if they need help, we’ll help them out, and if we need to call help, we’ll call help,” Corporal Lee said.

He said with heavy rain it’s easier to lose control of your vehicle.

“It doesn’t take much to hydroplane,” Corporal Lee said. “You can drive anywhere from 30 miles per hour, and you can hydroplane, and that’s mainly what we look for because if you just hit a small puddle of water you will basically slide into something normally that brick wall up there on the interstate.”

Some travelers, like Ben Cronkhite, left Friday night (Dec. 25) hoping to miss the rain.

“We’re headed out down to Little Rock and just hoping to miss the majority of the rain,” Cronkhite said. “It’s supposed to happen a little earlier in the morning, so not too worried about it, but we’ll get there.”

Cronkhite said if he does run into any bad weather, he has a plan.

“No heroes or anything, and it’ll dissipate if it takes a day or two, and if there’s a couple inches of water won’t drive through it, just pull over, turn around and go find a place to cross or a place to settle down for a little bit,” Cronkhite said.

Corporal Lee said the most important thing is staying safe.

“If don’t want to get out, stay at home, but if you’re driving, take your time and just at a slow pace, and you’ll get to your destination safely,” Corporal Lee said.

He added that there will be tow trucks on call for anyone who might need them.