EF-1 Tornado Damages Homes, Businesses In Bearden, Arkansas

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Courtesy: @newspaperboy

BEARDEN — As storms flooded the Bearden area on Sunday night (Dec. 27), residents also reported seeing a tornado.

The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down outside Bearden city limits on Sunday night. Damage stretched across four or five blocks in the town, according to THV 11.

There were no injuries or deaths reported, according to THV 11. However, several residents lost power.

Anthony Timber Company, the youth center of United Methodist Church and the Corner Store, which plans to be open during regularly scheduled business hours, all sustained damages during Sunday’s storms, THV 11 reported.

One resident reported hearing a freight train sound over their house, correctly estimating that it was an EF-O or EF-1 tornado.