1-Year-Old Utah Girl Dies From Apparent Heroin Overdose

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PROVO, Utah — Police are investigating an apparent heroin overdose of a 1-year-old Utah girl.

Paramedics found Penny Cormani purple or blue in the lips and unresponsive when they went to a Provo, Utah home on Dec. 2, reported  Fox 13.

Obituary photo from Wing Mortuary

Obituary photo from Wing Mortuary

The girl’s mother, Cassandra Leydsman Richards, said she fed Penny a 3 oz. bottle of milk and put her to sleep for a nap around 11 a.m. When she checked on her at noon, Richards found her unresponsive with purple or blue lips.

“Cassandra took Penny downstairs and attempted CPR,” a warrant states. “Casasandra called 911. Provo paramedics responded and transported Penny to the UVRMC where Penny was later declared deceased.”

Autopsy reports show that Penny had a lethal amount of heroin in her system, and that Codeine was also present, Fox 13 reported.

The home belongs to David and Sina Belgard, who allowed Penny’s parents, Richards and her father Casey Cormani, to stay in their home.

The Belgard’s consented to a search of their home, where police found numerous items of drug paraphernalia including burnt foil with residue and straws with burnt ends and residue downstairs and in the bedroom where the girl’s parents were staying, the warrant states.


David Belgard told authorities he had seen Richards and Cormani using the straws to inhale their prescriptions, Fox 13 reported. However, they both denied any illicit drug use, saying that they consume their medications orally as prescribed.

Penny’s parents stated in the warrant that the paraphernalia belonged to the Belgards.

A criminal history check showed David Belgard has been arrested and/or convicted on charges including driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, amphetamine and marijuana, false information to police and resisting arrest, Fox 13 reported.

No one has been arrested in connection with Penny’s death at this time.




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