Area Residents Purchase Tickets For US’s Fourth-Largest Lottery

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) --  Although the odds of winning the lottery aren't good, that isn't keeping Arkansas residents from taking part -- and dreaming big about their potential winnings.

Shiloh Express in Springdale is the top lottery seller in all of Benton and Washington counties. They have seen a number of people stopping by on Wednesday (Jan. 6), trying to get last minute tickets before the lottery closes as 8:59 p.m.

The Powerball is up to $500 million, which is the fourth highest lottery in the U.S. If nobody wins in the drawing tonight, it has the potential to become the highest lottery on record.

If someone wins the lottery, they have two payment options: A lump sum or incremental payments for the next 30 years. The lump sum option amounts to $306 million in cash.

Many lottery players have already been planning how they might spend their winnings, planning to save money, travel, and use the money to improve the lives of friends and family members.