LeFlore County Residents Begin Assessing Flood Damage

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SPIRO (KFSM)—After the New Year, some people in our area are just getting an idea of how much damage was done to their homes by the December flooding.

For Spiro resident Jeanna Atkins, she said it's back to square one.

“It flooded in May, and it came in about 12 inches,” Atkins said. “We moved back in and had been here three weeks when the flood came back again.”

This time around, Atkins said there was about four feet of water in her home, covering her bed and kitchen cabinets.

“I never imagined that my refrigerator or everything I owned would be underwater,” she said.

Last Tuesday (Dec. 29), flood waters were up to the handle of her front door. Atkins’ son and niece had to use a paddle boat to salvage what they could from her home. Now that the water has gone down, clean-up is just getting started.

Jennifer Davidson with LeFlore County Emergency Management came to Atkins' home Wednesday (Jan. 6) to tally up the water damage.

“We are out in the community assessing homes for flood damage, so we’ll know what type of resources we need to bring in to assist the residents and business owners,” Davidson said.

She said the damage she’s seen from the most recent flooding is worse than what people in this area saw in May.

“We don't have a lot of houses,” Davidson said. “We don't have a lot of people contacting us because I think they've learned from the last flood, and a lot of people didn't locate back into their home.”

As for Atkins, she said her father-in-law helped build her house 15 years ago, and May was the first time it flooded.

“I'm gonna rebuild it one more time, and I'm gonna believe that the water won't come back,” Atkins said. “I know that there's a plan, and I know God has a plan.”

She said she’s staying with her mother while she repairs her home. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with some of the expenses.

If you live in LeFlore County and still need to report property damage, you’re asked to call emergency management at 918-401-0456.