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FEMA Representatives To Assess Flooding Damage In Benton County Friday

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Ahead of a visit from FEMA, Benton County road workers have spent the last week assessing the widespread damage around the county, putting together an estimate for federal aid.

Roads director Jeff Clark said 51 roads were closed during the flooding event before the first of the year. He said all of those roads need work, in addition to the hundreds of smaller repairs that will have to be done.

One of the sites that needs work is Stewert Road near Cave Springs.

"We're going to have to end up coming in and completely dig all of this out and put new pipe in, and new hillside, and fill and compact this for the total area through here," Clark said.

Clark said he estimates the total cost of repairs to be around $1 million. At Snavely Bridge near Siloam Springs, Clark said extensive work is necessary.

"As the water topped it, what it did, the asphalt, if you look and see, is thinner," Clark said. "Once the water got underneath, it was just like using an ice scraper. It just started popping it off there."

Clark said in order for federal aid to be administered, the damage has to exceed $800,000. He said Friday's meeting with FEMA will help determine if the county will receive any financial help.

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