Benton County Judge, Sheriff Candidates Answer Questions At Public Forum

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Republican candidates for the Benton County judge and sheriff seats answered questions from the public at the Northwest Arkansas Community College Thursday evening (Jan. 14).

The four Republican candidates in the sheriff's race are Tim Filbeck, Shawn Holloway, Paul Pillaro and incumbent Kelley Cradduck.

The first question raised at the forum was the current investigation into the Benton County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Kelley Cradduck said the allegations about him ordering a deputy to backlog another deputy's pay aren't true.

"This has been turned into a political fiasco," Cradduck said. "I've never seen a class B felony take eight months to investigate."

Pillaro chose not to comment on the investigation.

"I am not involved in this investigation," Pillaro said. "I do not work at the sheriff's office currently, so I am not in the know of what's going on."

Filbeck said he is appreciative of the efforts of the special prosecutor and investigative team.

"Number one they didn't just dismiss a rumor they went ahead and looked into it," Filbeck said. "If it comes to be that there's nothing to it, then they'll drop it, or if they have to go forward they can do that."

Holloway currently works under Sheriff Cradduck and said as a law enforcement officer, he is required to report any wrongdoing.

"We are held to a higher standard in oath," Holloway said.

The four candidates also talked about jail overcrowding, open carry, policies within the sheriff's office, gang violence and conducting DWI checkpoints. Independent candidate Glenn Latham could not take part in the forum as it was limited to Republican candidates only. He was in attendance.

Incumbent Judge Bob Clinard and opponent Barry Moehring also answered questions Thursday evening (Jan 14) regarding everything  from ambulatory service in rural parts of the county, to the candidates' personal backgrounds.

Among the largest concerns from the community were the county roads and jail expansion. The two candidates also talked about the future of the Benton County courthouse, currently located in downtown Bentonville.

"We need to use our existing infrastructure," Moehring said, "We have a courthouse today that is functional, that is usable and it needs some help, and we need to provide that help for the courthouse and the facilities downtown and we need to use our existing infrastructure."

Clinard said he thinks it's best for the courthouse to be relocated.

"I'm in favor of a facility and a location that can be proven to provide an immediate solution to our needs for 20 to 25 years and with the potential expansion for our projected need for 100 years,"Clinard said.

The next public forum will be held on Feb. 11 involving the candidates for state legislature. The forum will be open to the public and will begin at 6 p.m.

The primary election will be held on March 1.

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  • joe smith (@charlemacintosh)

    At least 5 News reported on this with some relevant information which is more than the Arkansas Democrat Gazette did. The ADG report in todays paper had no information just fluff. The people rely on the ADG for a large part of their daily news and it seems their reporters if you can call them that are just to lazy to do real reporting. The ADG has become nothing more than a rag tabloid who lets the trolls run the online edition, such as morons who call themselves user names like, ruski, identification, doulos, tank 101, mycentworth and other stupid names. At least 5 News moderates the comments made on their site, more than you can say for the ADG. The ADG has a full time moderator Caleb Fort who will moderate the heck out of comments made by anyone other than Right Wing Republican, but will let the Neo-Con Republican commenters run amuck. The worst offender is this fool who goes by ruski, he is a has been journalist who most likely worked at the ADG once upon a time. Rumor has it that he is now a jailer at WCSO because he couldn’t cut it as a reporter anymore. This rat ruski spends all his time perched in front of his computer just waiting to pounce the second anyone comments. This guy is a internet troll and a cyber bully and the ADG allows it, what scumbags. ADG is nothing more than a rat trying to convince everyone they are a Rose. Folks should cancel their subscriptions with the ADG it is a waste of money.

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