Bentonville Mother Gets Surprised With A Free Car

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A local woman got a free car Wednesday (Jan. 13) as a surprise.

Missy Lewis lives at Havenwood in Bentonville, which helps single moms move from crisis situations to becoming self-sufficient.

She showed up at Brown's Collision Center and was overwhelmed to find a free Honda Civic that had been fixed specifically for her.

Lewis hasn't had a car for two years and says she really needed one because she has to take her six-year-old son to Little Rock for treatment.

"I have a car; that's the greatest thing to know, that in the morning, I can get up and take my daughter to school and I don't have to rely on somebody else," Lewis said. "If I want to go somewhere with them I can go. Like there's events and things that I want to go to and now I can because I have a car."

This is the fifth year for the annual car giveaway. It took the whole team at Brown's to fix the car. They had to strip all the old paint off the car and then repaint it, and then fix the small dents and scratches.