Madison County Sheriff’s Office Candidate Under Investigation By FBI

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MADISON COUNTY (KFSM) — The Madison County sheriff confirmed Thursday (Jan. 14) that his captain and chief deputy is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Sheriff Phillip Morgan said Robert Boyd has been under investigation since about Jan. 4, but hasn’t been arrested.

Boyd is running as a Democrat for the Madison County sheriff seat. His opponent, also a Democrat, is Rick Evans.

The sheriff said he couldn’t elaborate on the investigation into Boyd, but believes it’s a tactic to make him look bad during an election. Morgan said Boyd’s name will be cleared in the next few weeks.


  • samesexlovesall

    They Say You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty By Jury Of Your Peers… And This Is A True Statement In Every State – City – Town – County – (Parish If You Live In Louisiana)… But, And Yes There Is Always A But… But, If You Are Being Investigated By The FBI… There Has To Be Very Good Reason For This Investigation… Again, This Means You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law By A Jury Of Your Peers……!!!

  • Michelle Land

    Lest we forget Mr. Boyd’s merit and years of service. Do any recall the time Boyd was facing off with a man in crosses. The man at first had a knife then a gun pointed at Boyd. When asked by the Madison County record why he did not shoot. Boyd said because he was not put on this earth to kill. That said I imagine Boyd would have lit him up had anyone else been in danger. If he is in trouble I would venture to bet it was for sparing some poor soul or something similar. If public office was a reward of Merit Boyd would have been Sherriff years ago. Madison County stands with Robert Boyd!

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