“No Credible Evidence” Against Doctor, Proposed Date For Lawsuit Trial Against City Of Barling, Police Officers Set

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BARLING (KFSM) — The trial date for a civil lawsuit against the city of Barling and multiple city police officers have been set.

The case of Dr. David Furr against the defendants for “wrongly arresting and charging” him and causing ” will be scheduled for jury trial  on October 17, 2016, according to online court records. The lawsuit also stated that Furr was caused “severe mental distress and financial hardship” and that the defendants’ actions “were undertaken with deliberate indifference from which malice may be inferred.”

Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Shue issued a release on Wednesday (Jan. 14), stating his reasoning for dropping the charges on which Furr was arrested. The doctor was arrested on suspicion of drugs and firearms charges on November 19, 2014.

In his release, Shue states that after hearing from Furr’s legal representation, he and his deputy prosecuting attorneys reviewed the evidence of Furr’s arrest. According to email records, Furr had valid prescriptions of various drugs to control severe pain and headaches caused by a large cyst in his brain.

Shue stated that after investigation of local and federal agencies, “no credible evidence of illegal activity on the part of Dr. Furr was discovered.”

The prosecuting attorney stated that because he may be called as a witness to a jury trial, he could not comment on the case.

The defendants listed in the lawsuit are Jerry Foley and Keith Lindley (each individually and in their official capacities as a law enforcement officer for the city of Barling), the city of Barling and “John Does 1-5,” officers employed by the city of Barling who exercised supervisory responsibility over Foley and Lindley.