Teacher Terminated, Students Suspended Over “Extremely Disturbing” Alleged School Bus Sexual Assault

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Courtesy KFOR

NORMAN, Okla. (KFSM) — A Norman North junior varsity coach has been fired and at least students have been suspended after an “extremely disturbing” incident was reported.

A 12-year-old boy was allegedly sexually assaulted by several upperclassmen on a school bus while returning from a JV wrestling tournament, reported KFOR.

Allegedly the boy was held down and sexually assaulted by two teenagers who are suspected to be Norman North High School students. The boy’s mouth was covered so that he couldn’t scream, according to reports.

The Norman School District immediately contacted police and launched an investigation into the incident after they heard the report, a district official reported to KFOR.

The alleged attack was also caught on a bus surveillance camera.

So far, two students have been suspended, and more will be suspended as the investigation continues, KFOR reported.

A press released from Norman PS stated, “An adjunct coach who was responsible for supervising students on the bus was immediately dismissed. A second coach has been suspended pending further investigation.”

Police say they are conducting interviews but cannot comment at this time.

“Student safety is a top priority. This is an ongoing investigation and we will continue to work with police to pursue any appropriate criminal charges. Any parents or students who have been involved in the wrestling program and have information or concerns about inappropriate activities are urged to immediately contact district administration or the Norman Police Department.”

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